About Inner Calm, Outer Power

Inner Calm, Outer Power

You’ve experienced glimpses of inner calm and outer power. And that clarity towards which all spiritual teachings point.

Yet, you’ve not been able to infuse your life and work with the power of this life-changing spiritual state.

And you live in 2019. Your work, family commitments, and social life take up almost all your time and attention.

Your mind feels cluttered and your schedule feels chaotic.

How can you fit meaningful spiritual practice into your busy schedule?

And, more important, how can you take that state of inner calm with you into your busy day? How can you allow constant access to that state to infuse your life and work with spiritual power?

Complete Inner and Outer Transformation is Possible

I had the same questions when I started out.

I read a few spiritual books, and soon started experimenting with meditation. But my mind was still running my life. I was still “sleepwalking.”

The evidence of being asleep in a spiritual sense was clear to see:

  • I was fighting with everyone,
  • I centered everything I did around what I wanted,
  • My whole life was about chasing pleasure, yet
  • I was causing myself and those around me much pain and suffering.

Then I learned about resistance. And how this “failure force” was acting against me to prevent me from achieving my destiny.

More than a decade after starting out, I’ve learned how to overcome resistance in my own life.

My life looks quite different now:

  • I’m able to live with a near-constant sense of peace, serenity and inner calm.
  • When someone wants to enter an argument with me, I’m able to remain calm more often than not.
  • I serve other people and their needs in my day job and through my after-hours writing projects.
  • Yes, I am enjoying my life, but on a level higher than the pain vs pleasure cycle.
  • I have power over my life situation and outer circumstances. I’m undoing the results of 40 years of chaos.

I launched this blog to help other people to experience the same.
To help people like you to overcome the chaos and clutter of resistance.

What you find here will help you grow in spiritual clarity. And to live with a constant state of inner calm that brings great outer power.

Are YOU Ready for Inner Calm and Outer Power?

This is for you if you’re serious about the spiritual journey. Over time, that journey will enable you to live with constant inner calm.

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I will not lie to you.

It’s not an easy journey…

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