Why Positive Thinking Will Never Bring Lasting Happiness

Positive Thinking vs Joy

Despite your attempts at positive thinking, it’s happening again…

Your day started fine, but now you can feel your happiness slipping away for no clear reason. You tried your best to be positive and grateful. But now you can feel the uncontrollable negativity creeping in.

It’s as if you’re stuck on a seesaw of emotions. After every push for positive feelings, negativity gets a turn again.

You feel so tired of the whole charade. In fact, you’re sick of it! One more time of sitting down and writing ten things to be grateful for might make you puke.

You wonder if it’s possible to be happy most of the time. Is there such a thing as true joy?

And if there is, why on earth is it so difficult to feel? Everyone and his dog is going around telling you that you can have the life you want if you feel the love/joy/gratitude. Yet, you remain unfulfilled, unhappy, and what you want stays out of reach.

It is as if Creation is teasing you. You order peace, love, and joy. But you get irritation, frustration, and impatience.

And let someone dare tell you it’s because you’re not thinking enough positive thoughts! You’ll run them over with your car.

I know the feeling. Don’t despair.

This is simple to fix. You need to change how you approach life. But when you understand this and make the change, it will bring that elusive spontaneous joy.

When you transcend the pain-pleasure cycle in your life and start to get and maintain access to true Joy:

  • You’ll succeed in every moment of your life, starting with this one.
  • You’ll start living a life you’re proud of, one you actually enjoy all the time.
  • And you’ll bring Infinite Intelligence into everything you do. You’ll infuse every interaction you have with it. Your whole life will shine with the Power to bring you and other people Joy, Peace, and Freedom.

How an Exclusive Focus on the Law of Attraction Gets It Wrong

Am I saying there is no power in positive thinking? Am I saying that having and living a life filled with thoughts of love, joy, and gratitude is a waste of time?


In fact, I agree with many of the teachings of the law of attraction. I know that at your core you are a powerful Creator. You have the potential to influence the reality that you and others experience.

But I’m saying that a life of constant thinking is stealing your joy.

The problem comes with mind identification. You’ve heard it before, right? You are not your thoughts. You are so much more than a human brain.

The human mind is like a tadpole in a tiny dirt-road pond, while the true You is like a whale in the vast, expansive ocean.

The difference between the human mind and Infinite Intelligence is incomprehensible.

Steven Pressfield calls this truest version of you your Superconscious. And it is super in my experience.

Law of attraction teachers focus on the need for positive thoughts. Most of them forget the fact that human beings long for freedom from thought—for freedom from the mind.

Most of the law of attraction literature neglects to upgrade your sense of identity. You are not the wanting, babbling voice in your head. You are One with Life.

Your life purpose is to allow the Unmanifest Creator to wake up inside you. You are Infinite Intelligence.

Yes, granted. Positive thinking feels better than negative thinking.

But these feelings are mere emotions. They’re rooted in a lower level of consciousness — like your thoughts.

Your Feelings Aren’t as Important as You Think

Negative thoughts bring emotions such as anxiety, frustration, self-pity or anger. Positive thoughts bring emotions such as excitement, gratitude or happiness.

Every emotion has an opposite. And if you play in the lower realm of thoughts, you’ll oscillate between negative and positive.

What goes up must come down again. For every positive emotion, there’s an opposite and equal negative emotion.

Does this resonate with you?

I assure you this is how it works. Experiment with it.

Apply your efforts to stay positive for an extended period of time. Something will happen to balance the positive with the negative. Even if only a lapse of energy from the constant effort to be positive.

It is hard work to stay positive. Positive thoughts feel good, yes. But applying effort to think them is tiring. And positivity turns into its opposite very quick and without warning.

You need to transcend both thinking and the feelings that come as a result of your thoughts. You need to find and maintain the State of Clarity. Unlike positive emotions, the Peace, Love, Joy, and Bliss you’ll experience has no opposite.

Joy pervades your life with no effort. You need no hard work to feel it.

I write the words for these experiences with capital letters since they are not emotions. The same words people often use for feelings point to a reality much larger than mere feelings.

To understand true Joy, you need to experience this State of Clarity. Thinking about Joy won’t help. You need to feel it to understand it. I share a simple exercise for this later.

You Don’t Need Positive Thinking — You’re Filled with Joy Already

This spiritual State of Clarity is your natural state. Sure, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. But that’s because — as Eckhart Tolle writes—your mind is making too much noise.

The State of Clarity is the state of pure Being that you experience when you quiet your mind.

In the stillness that remains, you find the “peace that passes all understanding.” And it’s available to every person alive (not only to Christians as Paul would claim). The only need for accessing this state is to stop identifying with your thoughts.

That’s it. Nothing else needed!

And that’s also why trying to think positive thoughts all day does keeps you stuck. You need freedom from thoughts.

The moment you access the State of Clarity, you transcend the pain-pleasure seesaw. You are free of your thoughts and emotions. And you tap into the Joy, Bliss, Love, and Peace that has no opposite.

Want to give it a try right now?

How to Access the State of Clarity to Heal Your Life

Okay, enough talk. Let’s get practical.

Many meditations use a focus on breath or inner energy awareness. But I’ve found the following to be a simple yet powerful way to enhance your awareness. And it doesn’t take much time.

An atom is almost 100% empty space. If you had an atom the size of the earth, its core, or proton, would be 200 meters or 600 feet wide.

The human body, consisting of atoms, is also more than 99% empty space. You can Google this.

As a practice: Focus your awareness on this empty space inside your body. Feel the empty space inside you.

As we focus on space or silence, we become aware of a profound Stillness. Also, focus on the silence behind the sounds you hear as you close your eyes.

The space inside your body or the silence behind the sounds is what allows all objects or sounds to exist. Both represent the ground of Being.

Grow your awareness so that you can sense the silence or space beyond everything that exists. Feel the space behind all existence. Hear the silence behind everything.

As you practice this, your identity shifts from a human body to a field of clear awareness, pervading all that is.

This simple and quick exercise has helped you make a profound shift in consciousness. If you practice it often, it has the potential to change everything.

As you read further, see if you can continue feeling the inner space.

Before Positive Thinking… Infuse Every Moment of Your Life with Clarity

Good news!

You’ve read this far. And you’ve completed the above awareness exercise. This means that you’ve had your first glimpse of the State of Clarity.

not feel like much when you start out. Yet, every time you access the State of Clarity, it’s like you’re piercing a veil. You’re creating a little opening for the Divine to enter your life.

You’re allowing Infinite Intelligence to flow into your everyday life.

So whenever you feel negative emotions, allow it to remind you. You’re called to operate on a higher level of consciousness than mere human thought.

Stop trying to control your thoughts. Stop trying to turn it to positive thinking all day long.

You have the key now. Turn it when you need Clarity. Turn it when you need to feel more Joy, Peace or Power.

Reconnecting to Infinite Intelligence brings immense benefit to you. You will feel more Peace and Joy than you’ve ever felt. Further, operating from the State of Clarity will change every aspect of your outer life.

If you anchor your life in the State of Clarity:

  • You’ll gravitate without effort towards the work you need to do here and now, for which you are most suited.
  • You’ll Infuse everything you work on and do with deep quality and a powerful Presence. Humans can perceive this quality in work, but they struggle to understand or explain it.
  • Source will heal your life. All those old wounds and negative energy fields will drop away. You’ll get rid of limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and frustrating your progress.
  • You’ll be brave enough to walk away from addictions, behaviors, and people keeping you stuck. You will free yourself from the reality that has become too small for your vision and potential.
  • Your passion for your ultimate present-moment destiny will rise up inside you. And you will find yourself doing the work to make this your reality.

Does this sound like a powerful transformation? Believe me, it is! It won’t all happen today or tomorrow, but it floods into your life faster than you would think it can.

And it all starts with a simple shift.

The awareness exercise that I shared above is not hard, and it does not take long. Use it every day to get out of your mind and into the State of Clarity.

Will you allow Infinite Intelligence to heal and transform your life?

Then start right now!

At this very moment, can you feel the peaceful inner space that connects you to Life? It’s simple. If you keep that connection open, you’re in for the ride of your life.

You’re about to become limitless.

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